Most issues of The Courier can be found here, but some have eluded us! We want to make this resource as complete as possible for you. If you have any of these missing issues and are willing to donate, please let us know through the contact us form.

These missing issues are:


  • Vol. 4 No. 4, published sometime between 11th Dec 1951 (No.3) - 22nd Jan 1952 (No. 5)
  • Vol. 7 No. 2, published sometime between 14th Oct 1954 (No.1) - 11th Nov 1954 (No.3)


  • Vol. 13 No. 9, published sometime between 9th Oct 1960 (No. 8) - 2nd Nov 1960 (No. 10)
  • No. 19, published on 26th Nov 1964
  • No. 84, published on 7th March 1968


  • No. 937, published on 9th May 1996
  • No. 989, published on 13th Jan 1999
  • No. 990, published on 20th Jan 1999


  • No. 1173, published sometime between 7th July 2008 (No. 1172) - 13th Oct 2008 (No. 1174) 


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What years were you at Newcastle University?: 

Many thanks for hosting the archive launch today. Being there and meeting old friends was good, and sparked off other memories. Many people will probably not know that the musician known as Wilko Johnson was also a Courier contributor, as a cartoonist under the name of Cedric, around 1969/70. He drew satirical cartoons of campus life to accompany equally acerbic poetry written by John Gartland (using the pseudonym Jodric Plinth), the whole thing being published under the heading Laurearse at Large.

What years were you at Newcastle University?: 

You have a list of missing issues, but do not include a gap in the archive from ~11 Dec '74 to May '75

What years were you at Newcastle University?: 

Please to see the issue 15/11/1962. I took the photograph on the front page. Took quite a few photographs for Courier, especially in academic year 1962-63

What years were you at Newcastle University?: 

Very chuffed I must say to see my name "in lights" in the theatre review "Brilliant Production" on page 8 of Courier February 28 1968.
I played Mephistopheles in the German Department's production of Goethe's "Urfaust" at Henderson Hall. It was great fun and went down very well as I remember. My goodness all that time ago! I really enjoyed my time at Newcastle University, and the Union (esp. the Mens Bar!) played no small part in that! I'm looking forward to riffling through all the Courier editions, it's fascinating and wakens lots of great memories. It's a brilliant project to upload all this and I express my sincere thanks to you!
Eric Charlton,

What years were you at Newcastle University?: 

I feel I must favourably comment on the "Laurearse at Large" item in Courier of Wednesday, February 18, 1970, featuring PILL BERCY, instantly recognisable from the brilliant caricature by Cedric (Wilko) beside the text. No less brilliant is the poem itself by John Gartland. I particularly like the reference to "A Leonardo drawing of the earliest soup machine". This is really first class stuff and brings back wonderful memories.

Although now almost half a century ago (!) I remember as clear as day sitting with the infamous Richard Smith (whose miscreant activities are also liberally chronicled in Courier) in the Upper Bun Room when PILL BERCY was busy fumbling with the innards of the drinks machine not far from our table.

"I wouldn't touch that if I were you, mate, you'll electrocute yourself", said Smithy, causing PILL to leap back in alarm from the machine as if from an approaching alligator. Presumably he thought Smithy had some knowledge of electrical wiring, so he wasn't taking any chances.

Although a bit naughty, this was a hilarious incident which has etched itself into my memory.

Eric Charlton

What years were you at Newcastle University?: 

Great to see this has been digitised. I used the archives for a debate between Irish Prime Minister Eamon de Valera and Unionist MP Douglas Lloyd Savory at Kings College in February 1949. The debate entered on the partition of Ireland and students voted in favour of its abolition. It was great to see students contributing opinion articles leading up to the visit, including someone who was critical of de Valera preaching to the converted in Newcastle and not focusing enough attention on people in Northern Ieeland. Keep up the good work!

What years were you at Newcastle University?: 

After 45 years, I was delighted to find that internet archiving had caught up with the Courier. Being involved with the Havelock Hall JCR Committee in the early 1970's, I did become the focus of Courier's attention from time to time, and seeing how Paul McCartney used a Havelock Hall Social Event to return to the public attention, has remained as a high light of my time in office during my student days. Ed. (