16/02/1972 - Wings Fly to Havelock Hall

Publication date: 16/02/1972


This must be one of the earliest mentions of Roxy Music - with ex-Newcastle University students Bryan Ferry and Graham Simpson - in print!

What years were you at Newcastle University?: 

...looking back on past issues makes you realise how many mega musicians played at Newcastle over the years when relatively unknown......and how many Courier staff went on to be big Media folk.....such as Stuart Prebble from this edition!!!!!!

What years were you at Newcastle University?: 

Being President of Havelock Hall's JCR Committee at the time, having Wings at our weekly dance event was a tremendous highlight of that year in Havelock Hall - Wings at that time was at the start of a come-back for Paul McCartney and his band after a few years of self-imposed obscurity. My Committee pulled out all the stops for this event, and much credit goes to them and especially to Dafydd Thomas for handling the arrangements - the scheduled band was not too put-out by being displaced at the last moment, and stayed to enjoy the event. The attendees were ecstatic by the presence of Wings, and the rapidly arranged security gang was not needed. Ed. (edward.L.williams100@gmail.com)

What years were you at Newcastle University?: 
1970 - 1973

Re: P.2 Cinema, Tyneside Film Theatre: - Paul and Linda McCartney could have caught another showing of 'Yellow Submarine' and 'Let it Be' whilst they were sojourning in Newcastle that weekend if they were pining for memories of times past, like I'm doing 45 years later. Ed.