13/10/1971 - Hall Subs Rise Angers Inmates

Publication date: 13/10/1971


What years were you at Newcastle University?: 

Northern Press of South Shields had been printing Courier for as long anyone could recall. On what we thought was a routine weekly visit to oversee final work on the "stone" before rolling the presses and bringing back the bundles of copies, we were summoned to the manager's officee and told that our arrangement was being ended. Within a week we had found an alternative printer, Ramsden Williams of Consett.

What years were you at Newcastle University?: 

Re: Hall JCR Fees: - Having been the Havelock Hall JCR Treasurer the previous year, it was very apparent that in order to provide a viable JCR social programme, the JCR Subscription Fee had to be raised to provide the amenities that the residents requested and expected. The new fees for the year were still less than most would spend on a good night out on the town. I'm not much impressed by the quality of the image - perhaps I should send in a better archival copy. Ed. (edward.L.williams100@gmail.com)

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